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Sheila levine is dead and living in new york gail parent 1973. Why were still obsessed with the 1970s new york of lou reed and. Elton john, cher and fleetwood mac are on world tours. The photos are incredible and cover everything about the 70sart, architecture, fashion, disco etc.

This personal and intimate photographic diary of new. Valerie martin, in her new novel, the confessions of. The sexual frenzy that came about in the 70s is captured perfectly. In the 70s, new york radio was a chessboard of warring fiefdoms, with grandees such as barry gray and barry farber at the top of the manor, humorist jean shepherd scaling a. The 1960s were not yet over, and war still raged in viet nam, fueling resentment against the government. The official page of the dirty, old, affordable, real, honest, gritty, rough and tough new york city of the 1970s. New york scene in the 70s book recommendations steve. New york in the 1970s from the soho weekly news allan. Everyone has a different take on this bustling, diverse city. You didnt love it for the drugs, or the violence, or its bad conditions.

The book, originally published in 1984, introduced new york citys graffiti to the world. Originally titled soho blues, allan tannenbaums book of photos from his work as soho news chief photographer is now called new york in the 70s. Bestseller arcadia by lauren groff takes us to new york state in the 1970s and a utopian commune of unrepentant hippies living off the land surrounding a decayed mansion called arcadia. Her new book m train is a more impressionistic sequel to her national book award winning. This new york to which he refers turns out to be the selfsame one where white, smith and gooch found themselves, the new york that they no longer see. New york in the 70s by allan tannenbaum the digital journalist. Hbos latest drama the deuce portrays new york city in the 1970s, a tumultuous decade that saw crime soar, a blackout darken the city, and the president of the united states tell the city in so. These startling 1970s new york photos reveal a city undergoing an unparalleled transformation fueled by economic collapse and rampant crime. The big apple, the center of the universe, the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps, the city so nice, they named it twice and more. Valerie martin, in her new novel, the confessions of edward day narrows the focus even more.

It is a collection of photographs of nyc in the 70s. Punkpoet legend patti smith chronicles her early years in the new york of the 1960s and 70s in this 2010 memoir. This page is dedicated to time of a changing and evolving city on the verge of a revival. Smiths books, in particular, seem to have hit a nerve. Why were still obsessed with the 1970s new york of lou. Discussion in music corner started by purple jim, feb 21, 2020. Novels on new york in the 70s new york city in the 1970s was a time of hope and cheap rent. Here two children grow to adulthood surrounded by adults in the thrall of the groups charismatic leader, and eventually begin to yearn for a life beyond arcadia. This book is for those of us who came of age in the 70s, or for anyone interested in the 70s. In 1970s and 80s new york, the artists were working class and the glamor was. Fear city new yorks fiscal crisis and the rise of austerity politics by kim. Best books set in new york city from classics like catcher in the rye to historical fiction like the alienist to contemporary novels like bodega dreams which books exploit new york best.

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